Questions & Answers

Here we have collected the answers to the most common questions!

  • Does the child always have to wear a helmet when sledding?

    Yes, it is highly recommended that children always wear a helmet when sledding, regardless of age and experience level. Talk to your child about the importance of protecting their head and explain that the helmet is there to keep them safe. 

  • How can I make sure my child is sledding safely?

    Make sure your child wears a helmet and appropriate clothing to stay warm and dry. Choose safe toboggan runs without dangerous obstacles and teach your child how to toboggan safely and controlled.

  • Are there any safety tips I should be aware of when sledding?

    Some safety tips include avoiding crowded slopes, always sled in the same direction as others, and teach your child to stop and steer safely. The child should also always wear a helmet.

  • I have worn out/lost a part to my Hamax snow sled, can I get a new one?

    Most parts can be replaced, please contact your nearest Hamax dealer.


  • Who is Hamax Snow sleds for?

    Hamax offers snow sleds for all ages and levels. Please refer to our product description for information on recommended age, weight and level of difficulty.